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If you’ve read this blog, you’ll notice that I’ve stepped away from blogging for bit. I’m reading and researching the bible on two topics that I need to get off my chest. Hopefully they will bring a better understanding about issues that some of use have been through today.

Renewing Our Minds?

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What is it about Drama that attracts people?

Some want to help?

Some likes the fact that you’re struggling?

Some like the fact that you’re failing?

I complained about a situation in my marriage. An issue about my wife disrespecting me and other issues and it seems a lot can relate to it but is this what we really want to do. I’ve complained, been through some things, learned from it and moved on. If I keep complaining it only makes focus on those complaints, therefore spending time on my own problems instead of allowing God to change my thoughts and heart.

If you think about it, how much do you complain versus focusing on God and other things?

One of the few things I notice about the pulpit is that say draw closer to God but very few know what that means. Anyhow God wants to renew your mind with his will.

Romans 12:2

 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

The main issue is are we allowing God to renew our minds?

I look myself and others and say “nope.” Its’ a struggle that very few pastors talk about. We need to build our faith by hearing the word of God and not man. Therefore I’m going to put some headphones in my ear and start listening to the bible. Not Jakes, Olsteen or others. I’m solely interested in listening to the bible.

Is It A Sin For A Wife To Give A Straight Answer?

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One of the few things I don’t get about some women is their inability to answer yes or no. And this drives me crazy being married when I ask one thing, they say you decide. I decide and then it’s not what she wanted and things went on from there. If I asked you the first time around, why is it so hard to tell me instead acting like I’m suppose to spiritually discern what you want to eat. Than I really started thinking, this mess is starting from you lying the first time around and quite frankly I don’t have to get mad about this. However I will point this out to her so there will be some progress in her walk with God and she’ll learn that God hates lying. So I did in respect.

The reaction I got was expected because somehow my sins were greater than hers which made her feel better. I controlled myself because this really stirred up some anger and I didn’t let it out. However I simply replied, “My sins doesn’t give you the green light to sin. You are responsible for your sins. I’m sorting through my issues and its taking time but I’m allowing God to do this and not you. Sorry if you have a problem with that.” The look on her face said it all; she was speechless.

The story happen around year two in my marriage; I think. However I’m not the only one having this problem in their marriage. This is solely a communication issue. If the wife can’t tell their husband the truth about what they want; in this case what they have a taste for.

Can you imagine how communication is between them?

Are they arguing most of the time?

Are they ‘listening’ to each other?

Can one talk to the other without a ‘smart’ remark?

And some people think sex is the only problem when they can’t talk to their spouse respectfully. If you can’t talk to each other respectfully, there goes the intimacy that women or men need in a relationship. The freedom to express yourself to your spouse is destroyed though lying and disrespect. If you want intimacy with your spouse, be true to them. If you want intimacy with God, be true to him. If he love God, remember God hates a liar. I can’t stand it. Some wives have wonder where is the intimacy and some men think I’m dumb but I have to honest. If you can’t communicate, there goes your intimacy. If a woman wants sex with her husband to be great, stop lying and be straight up; most of us like this. If you wonder how some of the old stay married, they are blunt with each other. My parents were married for 21 years before my dad died. I didn’t know him but I can tell you my mom was blunt, straight to the point and meant every word she said. My obedience and loyalty to her was absolute to the day she died. I didn’t know the bible but it does say honor our mother and father; not one but both. And according to my brothers and sisters, they say my dad was blunt as well. Simply they told the truth and I didn’t have any problems and if I asked a question they answered. I loved my mom for being blunt and straight to the point, it made things a lot easier and we were on one accord. And since she was blunt, honest and told me what she wanted; we were on one accord.

Why is this so hard for people to be honest?

Please stop lying. 

Too Much Division, I Can’t Stand Denominations.

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The more I read the bible, the more I see how far the church has fallen from God. In the new testament, there was only one church. This church submitted to God and no one else, not some doctrine of men or some other belief because they all agreed on God. This is unity, this is what makes people strong when they agree on something and have a common goal. Unfortunately the church is more like a democracy than a church. I’m being completely honest here, I can’t stand denominations. As a child, the church I went thought everyone else was wrong and they were right. Recently I was introduced to the Mormon church and their book says that I have to believe that their church is the church that God formed during the last days and so on. At first I was interested but the way they are going at it. Causing a division and the same attitude from my first church is the one thing I can’t accept. I find myself being an alien in the church since the base everything I believe in from the bible, not some stat that somebody made. Everyone wants a successful marriage but they don’t want to follow God’s model for marriage or simply the person behind the pulpit is too caught up to not tell them the truth. Many want to follow God but if someone is in sin, they portray hatred towards them.

I can’t stand it.

How can I say I love God and follow a doctrine that isn’t from God?

Why am I having to choose between God’s way and man’s way daily with those that confess they love God?

And if I make the unpopular choice, people turn their backs on me and say everything behind my back. God says love thy neighbor as thyself, yes I know he’s gay but God commanded me to love him as myself.

Will I tell him the truth if asked? Yes.

Will I condemn them and make them pay for it through me? No. It’s not my place to do that.

Will I deny someone what is due because something they did was unpopular? No.

Daily I have to choose between following God’s way and Man’s way. I love God, therefore I choose God’s way.

Do I have to apply God’s way to everyone else? No. ‘I’ have to do this and they have to choose for themselves because they have the choice as well.

Choices. So many in one day, will I ever find a church whose sole source for everything is God? I don’t know but I’m tired of the politics in the church.

Very Knowledgeable In Other Things But Not In God.

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Today we do what we feel is right but is this Godly?

I don’t allow my feelings to make decisions. Call it whatever you want but I believe feelings will cause someone to make some bad decisions. If I relied on them, I would have already been in jail or have some sort of criminal record which makes it hard to find a job and very few will trust me since they’ll judge me more on my past than the present. I have friends and family who do everything according to how they feel but in the end they are making enemies and most have records. I assessed their situation and even they agree, they could have handled each situation differently.

I can’t expect everyone to make the same decisions as I did but I’ve walked away from a couple of hostile situations. Kept my mouth shut when I meet someone who has allowed their feelings to get the best of them and walked away. It wasn’t easy since I cared about “how others viewed me.” I lost people who I thought was my friend and those that said they had my back. After a couple of incidents they called me everything under the sun, stopped inviting to events and among others things. Since I didn’t do the most popular reaction anymore, they turned their backs on me. This hurts but after a while, I kept going. I didn’t let the hurt consume me. As I trusted God, conversations with people were indescribable. I wanted to compare God to every situation and quite frankly people didn’t want to do that. They wanted support for beating someone down, holding onto a grudge or running someone over to get what they want. I couldn’t find two people, excluding the pastor, that wanted to compare God in their situations. They went off by what they feel and believed every pastor even if they were wrong. As an individual following and trusting God, I was on a lonely island even when I was at church. These folks were more worried about the new BMW, them shoes, vacation and bills more than they were concerned about God. To build my faith, I had to go at it alone.

I’m wondering if there is more people out there that has experience the same thing. When you become a true believer in Christ and God, they call you weird or other things. So today I believe the church as a whole have allowed other interests to seem more Godly than what God says. I hate that I know what I know because people don’t accept talking about God since its not popular or cool. Overall I’m more interested in what God says than what the pastor says these days. I found myself looking in the bible when something doesn’t seem right or they say this but the bible says this; a contradiction. I believe this is primary reason why so many people leave the church. The church has become more of get together instead of a house of prayer or worship. A place to go to catch up with your closest friends instead of believers. Am I the only one that thinks this?



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